I started Buck Stone bushcraft to have the opportunity to re-connect with the ancestral knowledge taken for granted by our predecessors and by tribal people from all over the world. I wanted to help people to learn to make tools, fire and shelter from the land around them, to look at the country we are passing through like a hunter-gatherer would, to see the food, animals, plants, medicine and tools hidden in plain sight.  I passionately believe that we need to rediscover the skills and experiences of the aboriginal peoples of this land; to let ancient knowledge inform the way we live in the 21st Century. 

Eden Hutchins
Founder and Lead Instructor

I have a background in Archaeology, with a dissertation in traditional hunting methods in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. My postgraduate thesis looked at the post-glacial palaeoecology of the Outer Hebrides. Having worked as an Archaeologist, a Cartographer and a Countryside Officer, I trained as a teacher and worked in Primary education for over ten years. 

I am a qualified Forest Schools practitioner, having delivered Forest Schools and Bushcraft sessions for almost six years. I am first aid trained and have a current, enhanced DBS.

My interests include canoeing and researching traditional technologies, as used by aboriginal peoples and tribes all over the world.

In our sheltered, modern lives, we take so much for granted; food, drink, shelter, heat and medicine are instantly provided, at no effort to ourselves. However, when we take time to discover how to provide those things for ourselves, we find a richer, more resilient, more meaningful way to exist, in much the same way as our ancestors have for hundreds of thousands of years.

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