Plant of the week: Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata)

A fantastically useful plant that grows all year round on damp grasslands and water meadows. Firstly, it makes a very refreshing tea, full of anti-bacterial properties, useful for fighting sore throats, coughs, intestinal and urinary infections. It can be eaten raw (wash carefully first!) and has a pleasant mushroomy smell.


Steam or boil for a spinach-like vegetable. Boil in a little water and strain for a powerful anti-bacterial decoction, to decant into small bottles for later use.

Or, you could crush (or chew) into a pulp and use to disinfect an open would. Finally, mix some warm plantain tea, with some warm olive oil (with steeped plantain) and some beeswax, to make a moisturising, healing, antibacterial hand cream.

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