Birthday Parties

Ever wanted a birthday venue deep in the woods or you have a budding Bear Grylls turning 9? We can host parties for ages from 5 to 105, and provide a variety of outdoor activities, such as knife skills, den building, fire making, camoflague cloaks, fairy crafts, bows and arrows and spearthrowers.In the past we have had Peter Rabbit parties, Fairy parties, Tribal parties, Stone Age parties and Post Apocalypse parties. Prices are £15 per person for up to 10 children. Please contact us to discuss your ideas as well!

Cooking Days

Come and try your skills at cooking over a wood fire. Try out making bread, cake or calzone in a Dutch Oven, or a paella, risotto or tagine using a Muurikka. Make your own griddle and grill some sardines, or plank a salmon (Loimulohi). When the season is right, we can also gather wild food and make tasty snacks, like nettle crisps or berry crumble, fruit leathers or roast reedmace roots. Some courses will also involve making your own utensils and fire to cook on. £60 per person.

School visits


We can come visit an after school club, or during lesson times. Activities can include some general bushcraft skills, Forest School sessions or activities linked to various areas of the curriculum. Popular ideas have been outdoor learning days after KS2 SATs, Tudor living days, and the ever-popular Stone Age days. Please do contact me if any of these activities interest you. A full day visit will cost approximately £180.

Skills days

Half day or full day courses, where we will concentrate traditional skills, such as green woodworking, cordage making, sap glue mixing, leather working and jewellery making. Some skills, such as Woodland Goblin skills are particularly suitable for younger people - we make magic potions, fairy wands, goblin spears, ranger bows, tree faces and invisibility cloaks. Costs are £15/£30 for children, and £30/£60 for adults.

NEW for 2019: Personal 1-to-1 days!

Spend a whole day working with an instructor to develop your bushcraft skills - starting from the basis of making you self-sufficient in the wild, you'll learn how to get clean water, food and medicine, how to set up a camp, and how to make yourself comfortable! Ideal for wild campers, adventurers, or somebody wanting something a bit different! £100 or £120 for a couple.

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